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  1. How much does the show cost?
  2. How long is the show?
  3. What do you need in the way of stage, lights, and sound?
  4. How did you memorize all those words?
  5. Was there really a City of Troy and a Trojan War?
  6. Who wrote The Iliad?

How much does the show cost? ?

The cost of a performance can be adjusted to fit your budget.  Universities with large budgets can afford more than a senior citizens recreation center.  For private organizations a rule-of-thumb estimate would be $10.00 per audience member plus transportation if outside of the Los Angeles area

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How long is the show?

Introduction and performance take about an hour.  A question and answer period after the performance can last as long as anyone is interested.

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What do you need in the way of stage, lights, and sound?

I need an acting area of about 8’ by 12’, enough light to be seen by and no sound equipment is needed.  My wife follows the script in case I have a memory laps and she needs a chair and enough light to read by.

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How did you memorize all those words?

Very painfully,  I began memorizing The Iliad as mental exercise in the hope of improving my memory.  It took about 3 years to memorize Book One.  As I became aware of The Iliad as a one man performance I began to work faster.  It took a year and a half to memorize Book Three and the same to memorize Book Twenty-four.  I’m now working on Book Two.

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Was there really a City of Troy and a Trojan War?

Yes.  Heinrich Schliemann presented very convincing evidence that he had discovered the remains of the city of Troy in his dig at the hill of Hissarlik in North West Turkey.  Later excavations identified the ruins of Troy VIIa as the city of Illium destroyed by the Trojan War.  It is quite unbelievable however that a city as small as the ruins of Troy VIIa show it was could have withstood a siege for as long as 10 years.

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Who wrote The Iliad?

Mycenians contemporary with the time of the Trojan war used writing to keep records and inventories but not for entertainment or story telling.  Following the fall of the Mycenian Empire the art of writing was lost in the area until around mid 8th Century b.c.e.  Again it was used primarily for inventories and record keeping.  Even if writing would have been available to story tellers of Homer’s time they would not have seen a need for it.  

Their stories had been passed down from story teller to story teller for hundreds of years by the process of telling and listening.  Not until poets began using  a large chorus for their presentations at festival contests did writing for entertainment become useful.  This was some time after the lifetime of Homer. 

 A popular story is that the Tyrant Pisastratus commissioned scribes to create an official text of The Iliad in order to freeze it and protect it from “improvements” and additions being made by the many storytellers who included The Iliad in their performances.

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