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Eldon Quick is a treasure. He is the closest thing that we have in modern times to the Homeridae, putatively descended from the poet himself, who made a profession of performing The Iliad and The Odyssey at public festivals in the various poleis of ancient Greece. In listening to and in thereby participating in his performance, I fully understood for the first time why Plato's Socrates suggested to the rhapsode Ion that, when he recited Homer, there "was a divinity moving" him, .... In Eldon Quick's hands, The Iliad comes alive and displays its power as it never has since the end of the classical world.
Paul A. Rahe. Jay P. Walker Professor of American History, The University of Tulsa.

Your performance was energetic and engaging, and manifested your love and appreciation for one of the greatest works in the Western canon. Your dramatization made the Iliad come alive for our students and faculty.
Michail F. McLean, Phd, Dean Thomas Aquinas College

You remind us that Homer is really about people, passionate and flawed, who collide tragically-- that is, Homer is about life. You can do more to revitalize ancient literature than any 100 scholarly monographs.
Prof. Bruce S. Thornton,  Head of Classics Dept
, Univ. of Calif. at Fresno.

First let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed your performance.... you truly made it live in the here and now. And that you did that successfully was evident among my students. They were awed by your ability to memorize the multitude of lines, they were surprised thatat they liked Book I so much better than when they had read it and they loved the characterizations -- they could see Agamemnon and Nestor and all the others. ... there were 58 students in the 13 - 14 year-old age range in the audience. Not only did they behave (which is sometimes all we can hope for) but they wre interested, their attention captured by your gift and by the warmth they felt from you as a performer. It was bovious to all of them that you wanted to do more than perform; you wanted to engage them and they responded to your message.
Elyce Moshella, Director Wisconcin Latin Teachers Association

The most memorable aspect was overall just the distinct portrayals of each character. It kept the performance from dragging, and really brought the characters to life with different mannerisms, voices, tones, facial expressions, stances. The idea of performing the Iliad had seemed really weird before I saw the performance (I thought it was probably going to be cheesy, and either very boring or too overdone), but afterwards, it seemed the most natrual, original, and probably the best, way to present the story. It was funnier and more human than the movie Troy ever was. Everybody should be exposed to Homer through this medium.
Yen Duong student Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA.

The most memorable part would have to be the god scene. Quick gave a humorous flair to the gods, makingthem sem very imperfect and human-like. This was especeally true with the fight between Zeus and Hera. When Quick was Zeus imitating Hera it was hilarious, they seemed to fight just like an old married couple on a sitcom. It wa good that he made the god scene humorous because it's consistent with the fact that the gods are flawed and that they don't take life seriously because of their power. It was also good comedic relief after a long period of seriousness.
Katie Kubo student Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

He didn't just recite the poetry beautifully -- he acted it too. He didn't just act the character -- he was the character speaking. And he did it so that we were not just spectators; by his acting we were, for a few minutes, people in the Iliad too.
Unsigned student Thomas Aquinas College Santa Paula, CA

The finest recitation by the finest live actor I have had the honor to meet. Mr. Quick is a fine example of why live theater has endured through millennia.
William Gribbin student Thomas Aquinas College Santa Paula, CA

I wish everyone were this good at interpreting classical literature.
Emily Harrison student Thomas Aquinas College Santa Paula, CA

We would like to thank you for such a wonderful presentation of the Iliad for our Grand Circle Group while touring in Greece this year. The Characters you portrayed revived the ancient heroes native to this land that you visited.
Jill Karatgina Program Director Grand Circle Travel Athens, Greece

Your interpretation of this fine old classic was outstanding! You took us to Ancient Greece and let us mingle with the Gods and mortals - it was great fun and we all enjoyed the time with you. Our members said "Bravo" and are asking when you can give us an encore.
Nadine Smith  Program Chairman, The Womanís Club of Hollywood, Hollywood, CA.

  Book one 'Quarrel, Oath, And Promise', Book Two 'Assembly and Muster of Armies', Book Three 'Dueling For A Haunted Lady' or Book Twenty-four 'A Grace Given in Sorrow'.

Eldon, your presentation was awesome! You had me rapture throughout. What a marvelous performance!
Bob Morgan, Audience member, Womanís Club of Hollywood

I thought it was grand. It must be delivered in such style.
Larry Maldarelli, Audience member survey, Private presentation

I was spellbound. I rolled with the story and followed intensely. I will never forget tonight.
Ben Jakobson, Audience member survey, Private presentation  Eldon -- What an amazing feet. This will be a great success for you.
Elaine Hill, Audience member survey, Private presentation

Francisco Rodriguez, Audience member survey, Private presentation

The Performance was excellent even if I didnít know the story.
Arthur Prinz, Audience member survey, Private presentation

One-Hour performances available for all occasions. For more info. contact Eldon @ 323-467-7654

Very good Eldon, I was surprised and pleased.
Paul Wendling, Audience member survey, Private presentation

Very well done. I can tell that Eldon had a lot of fun in thinking through how to portray each of the various characters. It makes me want to reread the stories! Very entertaining.
Patty Wendling, Audience member survey, Private presentation

Excellent! Eldon gave life and force to each character.
Ed Manes, Audience member survey, Private presentation Excellent performance!!! A wonderful tool to introduce new audiences to the classics. Would love to discuss comparisons to modern world drama, romance and entertainment.
Janet Rogers, Audience member survey, Private presentation

Enjoyed it. Loved the facial changes slipping into some of the characters more than others.
Patricia Jarash,  Audience member survey, Private presentation

Exciting. Great control of the audience. Excellent portrayal of characters. Smooth transition from one to another.
Ilse Maldarelli, Audience member survey, Private presentation

To download 8-minute demo video click here

Good performance, amazing being on the floor close to the audience, gives you a feeling of being part of the performance.
Anonymous, Audience member survey, Private presentation

A major theatrical and artistic contribution and achievement.
Yvonne White Brook, Audience member survey, Private presentation

I believe your performance also taught us more about how history and legend was passed along in ancient days. The bard, in this case Homer, played an important part in preserving historic tales. Also, like any good actor, your presentation of characters can sway the emotions and sympathies of your listeners.
Jane Ouweleen, Hostess of private party, In the home of the Ouweleens, Fullerton, CA.